Bari Studio – Workout Review


Maybe you’re #bariaddicted … or maybe you need/want a jumpstart in your workout program.

*BARI is the way to go!

BARI means TRIBE, and this high energizing cardio and toning workout makes you feel like you are a tribe of fitness fanatics working together.

*Here is how to get #bariaddicted, and what to expect before your first class…

1. Book your Barione (Bari One) class online @

The Barione class is a required “intro” class that will teach you the fundamental routines that the other bari classes are built off of. After you complete your barione class, you can take a barihybrid class (a combination class, built off othe the barione class), barimicro class, barimicro class, or baribounce class. Each of these classes focuses on different combinations of the components of a barione class.

 2. Show up!

  • About 15 minutes ahead of time is sufficient for your introduction. Wear sneakers and comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle, pick up a towel at the door and get ready for some fun.
  • The studios are sleek, clean and comfortable. There is water and drinks for sale (or use the water fountain), cubbies for your keys, jackets and gym bags, and fully stocked bathrooms with showers.
  • The walls around the studio are chalkboards and have tons of motivational contests and quotes written on them.

FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender

 3. Enjoy!

FullSizeRender-3   IMG_3448

*Your amazing fitness coach will greet you and show you around the studio. Bari classes are typically small (private to small groups of 10 or so) so the studios are cozy.

*You will be asked if you want to wear a heart rate monitor which will track how hard you are working throughout the class (although this is optional, it is fun to track your progress with your tribe number on the TV at the front of the class).

*The class will start off with dynamic stretches to music (one song)

*Next, you will be introduced to some of the “bari basic” cardio sequences.

*These sequences sort of reminded me of Zumba crossed with Plyometric training (lots of jumping jack variations and grapevines).

*We also got to use the resistance bands hanging from the ceiling to do triceps presses, squats with resistance, and split lunges (this was awesome because the resistance bands helped to cushion our knees).

*This part of the class got my heart rate up the highest and lasted for about 15-20 minutes.

*I also thought that this part was the most fun 🙂

*From there, you will learn the “bari basic” trampoline sequences.

*We learned these moves on mini trampolines

*It was a bit hard to get used to at first (keeping the rhythm while on a trampoline) but the first class’s goal is just to get the hang of it.

*Despite sounding scary, it is easier than it looks, and is fun and EASY ON THE JOINTS

*It helps to build the supporting muscles around the knees/hips/ankles etc

*Finally, you will learn the “bari basic” toning sequences.

*You will use a mat, 3 lb weights, and “skimmer pads” (think furniture moving men pads)

*The mat and skimmer pads are used for a series of abdominal planks, mountain climbers, plank jacks, and inchworms

*The weight toning sequences work your biceps, triceps, shoulders and back

*The mat was also used for a series of leg lifts (bringing back the old school mat work!)

  • At the end, you will finish up with some more abs on the mat, and a cool-down with stretches.

  • The first time I look a class, I burned 596 calories according to the non-calibrated heart rate monitor, the second time I burned 480 (partially due to the killer bootcamp class I took the day before).


There is no excuses not to try it because your first class is FREE with code barione @ checkout

Why say tomorrow when you can sign up today?

  • Unfortunately, BariStudios are only in Summit NJ, NYC and California at this time, but look for it in your city or town in the future 🙂

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