Motivational Monday – Your Thanksgiving Week Workout Itinerary :)


  • The holiday season is officially here! It is such a beautiful time but it can be stressful too with balancing shopping, parties, baking and travel. Often times we ask ourselves, “How can I possibly have time to workout with all that I have to do?”

  • Here are some simple solutions for the many excuses we have about why we can’t exercise during the holiday season.

Excuse #1 – I can’t get to the gym

Solution: No gym is no excuse!  There are countless workouts that can be performed at home or outside – NO GYM REQUIRED! Check Pinterest (Health and Fitness Section), Facebook (Poll your friends what their favorite in-home moves and routines are), and blogs (like this one). Many of these workouts also require no equipment!

Excuse #2 – I don’t have much time to exercise today; I might as well skip it.

Solution: With everything in life, something is better than nothing. Experts say that your workout segments should be no shorter than 10 minutes at a time (for maximum benefit), but even a five-minute no-equipment circuit (planks, squats, jumping jacks, pushups and burpees) can burn calories, especially when completed at a high intensity. *Challenge: Can you complete this workout 5x on Thanksgiving?

Excuse # 3 – But we have visitors…

Solution: This one is an easy fix … get them involved! Call your gym and see if your guest(s) can join for the day. Many gyms offer free exercises on Thanksgiving, or offer a free workout to each out of town guest. Exercise reduces stress, and increases your dopamine (feel good hormone) levels. Who doesn’t need that when hosting in-laws or traveling during the holidays? Another great simple solution … TAKE A WALK WITH YOUR FAMILY OR VISITORS BEFORE OR AFTER YOUR MEAL – a great tradition to start!

My Thanksgiving Week Workout Itinerary 🙂

Monday: BodyPump and teaching Zumba

Tuesday: Drive home, visit with friends, Jillian Michael’s DVD at home with mom

Wednesday: Lablast dance workout 9-10am & Pre Holiday Cycle Hour – 5:30pm

Thursday: Turkey Trot 5k – 8:30am or 75 minute “Pure Sweat” workout – 9:30am

Friday: Step Killer Madness – 9am

Saturday: Spinning – 8am & Body Combat – 9:30am

Photo from a FREEZING 5K 🙂

*Still Smiling after!*


*What are your tips for staying fit over the Holidays?*

*What is your Thanksgiving Week Workout Itinerary?*


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