Australia 2017

Our Trip to The Land of Oz

A few months ago, Rob and I decided to take the 20+ hour flight journey to the land of oz during spring break! (Ironically, my favorite movie/musical is the Wizard of Oz). 

We flew 5 hours to LAX, had a 3 hour layover and then embarked 15 hours overseas to Sydney. The flight was comfortable (though I don’t think the seats reclined back as far as I’m used to). We were served grilled chicken and spinach, a “sandwich” and omlet with fruit for our meals. I of course had a large carry on bag packed full of snacks (grapes, blueberries, pears, hard boiled eggs, popcorn, string cheese, grilled chicken, homemade trail Mix and a homemade granola bar). 

We landed and got through customs quickly. *You need to get a ticket before getting your photo taken and then getting your bag. If you have a chip in your passport, you can go to any kiosk. There are some along your walk but we waited until the customs line… go to the first ones you see to save time! 

After, we grabbed an Uber from the express pickup spot (exit airport and walk through the parking garage toward the right) and took a 25 minute ride to Pyrmont. 

What beauty and charm this city holds! Interesting architecture and people everywhere out and about 🙂 

We found our hosts, dropped out bags and ventured out to Darling Harbour. It is such a beautiful and lively walk and we so enjoyed the 80 degree weather in March! 

After some walking, we went back to shower… much needed! I did a little workout in the gym and then we went out to get some snacks at the grocery store “coles”. Grapes, popcorn, cereal and milk were on my list. I also found this amazing yogurt. I tried it and it is SOOO GOOD! This will totally be on my list throughout my two weeks here 🙂 

Our first day concluded with a home cooked dinner at Rob’s cousin’s house 🙂


… and Rob picked out THE BEST DESSERTS EVER! From Zumbo (and I am not even a desserts/pastry person 😋)

Passion fruit tart, lemon merengue tart, chocolate mouse, and some delicious passion fruit cake 😍🙌🏽👍🏽

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