Why Do YOU Workout?

The first question on my 6th Grade Health Test?

List 5 Benefits of physical fitness


The answers ranged from “so you feel better“, “so your heart is stronger“, “so you look better“, etc.

We all know that we should be exercising, but most of the time, our only motivation is to drop 5 pounds quick, or to look better for the wedding or birthday party we are attending next month.

Today’s weather made me appreciate the benefits of physical activity in a way I never have before…

4″ of snow and some ice…

Not the snow we have had this year, or last year.

My fiancé and I trudged out to go clear the driveway and our cars this morning. The snow was thick, wet, slushy, icy, and heavy.

It took us over an hour to clear up our property. While we were shoveling, we kept reminding each over to hold our core tight, and watch our back.

I quickly started sweating as I TIGHTENED ALL OF MY MUSCLES to avoid slipping and falling, I SQUATTED to scrape the ice, CORE EMBRACED, I POWERED THROUGH MY QUADS AND GLUTES to lift the heavy pile, I did an UPRIGHT ROW to bring the snow above the pile that was already there, and performed a standing RUSSIAN TWIST to release the snow from my shovel.

For me, working out is about FEELING GOOD

  1. I feel good when I look good
  2. I feel good when I do my best
  3. I feel good when I accomplish my goals
  4. I feel good when I am not sick
  5. I feel good when I am able to complete everyday tasks (like shoveling snow)


I couldn’t help but to smile as I was shoveling … thinking of the countless nights my mom and I did P90X in the living room, listening to Tony Horton say “its all about functional movements” as we lifted a weight from the floor, and raised it up to the ceiling multiple times. He told us we were “picking up boxes and stacking them on shelves” but today, my workout helped me to shovel the snow from my driveway, and stack it on the 4 foot piles that already existed.


Its not just about looking and feeling better, its about QUALITY OF LIFE

Just think of all the things you could do …
if fitness was more of a priority in your life

 ten Simple Steps to Start GETTING MORE ACTIVE

  1. Find a FRIEND to hold you accountable (I’m here for you!)
  2. Start WALKING, just 20 minutes each day at a brisk pace
  3. STRETCH while you are watching TV
  4. STAND during a task you usually sit during
  5. Do an exercise VIDEO you found on YouTube (try the “BE FIT” series)
  6. Sign up for a free exercise CLASS (go online or call your local fitness studio)
  7. Go to an “active” OUTING (a dance, walk, class, etc … check MEETUP) or just put some music on and dance around your house!
  8. PARK at the end of the parking lot (yes, its cold, and snowy, but you can walk an extra minute to get into/out of the store 🙂 )
  9. CLEAN the house … you can have an awesome workout AND a clean house!
  10. Have FUN with it.
    Find walking boring? Play some music!
    Hate to jog? Try to cycle!
    Embarrassed to go to the gym? Workout at home!

No EXCUSES! Live your LIFE!


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