10 Tips to Stay Fit While Traveling

❤ My Fiancé and I LOVE to travel ❤

We have been some crazy places. I have backpacked through Europe for 6 weeks on a $1,500 budget (including flight), hiked in the American Southwest for two weeks without showering, played volleyball in North Korea, and eaten eyes, scorpions, intestine and raw tongue in Japan and China.

This time Around, we are headed to India!

To see the Taj Mahal

…and hike the Himalayas!indianhimalayas(ooohhh, aaahhh)

The one thing I hate most about traveling (besides the insane costs of everything) is how “thrown off” I get from my regular fitness and nutrition routine. Here are some ideas to help you stay healthy while traveling 🙂

 10 TIPS to STAY FIT on the GO!

  1. PREPARE your body for the change in time zones. I try to shift my sleep and eating schedules an hour or two the day before my trip. This helps to reduce shock when I land. Even if I am flying 12 or 13 hours ahead, every little bit helps.
  2. STAY HYDRATED. Start drinking more water the WEEK leading up to your trip. This is especially important on the day you are traveling. Jet lag is often triggered by dehydration.
  3. LIMIT CAFFEINE & ALCOHOL. You may hate this tip, but these can SERIOUSLY dehydrate you, and weaken your body’s ability to adapt to the time zone change. Try to avoid it one day before, the day of, and one day after your travels.
  4. SET YOUR WATCH TO YOUR DESTINATION TIME. Do this as soon as you begin your flight. This will help you to mentally prepare for the new time zone, which will help you to plan your in-flight sleeping and eating schedule.
  5. INVEST IN SOME NOISE CANCELING HEAD PHONES. You probably already have them, so use them! When in the airport and on a flight, there are dozens of stimuli all around us. Use these headphones (or ear plugs) even while you are asleep, to help calm your mind and body. This will help you to produce less stress-induced hormones, which can cause you to be frantic for a few days.
  6. SLEEP -or- STAY AWAKE (like you are already there). Your watch is already set to the time zone at your destination, right? So, if it’s nighttime at your destination, turn off your movie and rest/try to sleep. Eyeshades/eye masks help too. While you are awake, take walks down the aisles, read, and play thought-provoking games to keep your mind and body engaged.
  7. EAT LIKE YOU ARE ALREADY THERE. I have learned that airline food is generally served on a schedule that is aligned with the time zone you are leaving, NOT the time zone you are traveling to. Try to avoid the airline meals all together.
  8. PACK YOUR OWN FOOD. Since you cannot trust the timing of airline meals, all the more reason to pack your own snacks for the flight. My “personal” carryon bag is always full of snacks. Fruit (must be consumed before you land for international flights), cheese, almonds, popcorn, a sandwich, banana muffins, bars, hard boiled eggs, etc all make for great in-flight snacks and meals. If your flight isn’t too long, try to snack on the plane and have a full meal when you land.
  9. GET OUTSIDE AND GET MOVING. If it is daytime at your destination when you land, spend as much time outside as you can. The exposure to sunlight will help your brain adjust to the new time zone. While you are out, try to stay active (walking counts too). No matter how bad you feel, naps and lethargy will only make jet lag worse!
  10. CONSIDER MELATONIN? I try not to take any drugs or supplements, but melatonin can help your body get/stay on track. Melatonin, which is naturally produced in your body, kicks in when it is time to go to bed. Taking an extra 3-10 milligrams an hour before your new bedtime can help to ensure you get on track and sleep through the night. The longer your flight, the more helpful it may be. Just be sure to check with your doctor first 🙂

if you have any other FIT-TRAVEL suggestions, please share them below

HAVE A Happy Spring Break